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Durable and Long Service Life Composite Corner Trim EA-02


With EA-02 Corner Trim, you can finish off the edges of your composite decks and composite cladding. The L-corner from EVODEK is also made of composite decking material. It comes with a 10-year commercial warranty and a 25-year residential guarantee, which makes it a better choice than wood in terms of cost and the environment.

EVODEK Outdoor Composite Decking ED-01A Accessory Bucket


Install your composite decking area using EVODEK Stainless Clips and Screws. Designed to fit and be hidden in the grooves of our laminate flooring collection. Provides a seamless finish to your floor while holding composite decking in place.

More Cost-effective and Eco-friendly L-corner Trim EA-01


Add the finishing touch to your composite decking and composite cladding edges with EA-01 Corner Trim. EVODEK offers the L-corner, which is also made of composite decking material and comes with a 10-year commercial warranty and 25-year residential warranty, making it a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option than wood.